Optimise staff scheduling and reduce staffing costs

Binary Brains
October 11, 2021

The value of customer-centric staffing

Regardless of your size or business, we want to help you optimise staff scheduling and reduce staffing costs.

  • Drive more sales and increase profit margins
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Optimise scheduling with customer-centric staffing
  • Elevate your customer experience
  • Foresee a higher or lower demand for your location
  • Become data-driven without the need of technical experience

Predict visitors based on location

Staffing costs are an immersive expense, especially in the restaurant/hotel-business where under- or over-staffing affects your business drastically. With customer-centric staffing, when supported with the right data and analytics, you can drive more sales, increase your profit margins and help your staff offer an even better customer experience. Aligning your workforce with its visitor traffic is essential to increase revenue when your demand is high, and reduce your labor costs when demand is low. But what all businesses have in common is that visitors are hard to predict without artificial intelligence.

Our intelligent forecasts predict the frequency and number of visitors you will have based on your location. And they integrate directly in the systems you already use. 

We simplify artificial intelligence to fit your needs

You don’t need to have a technical background to use our predictive modules. The value we offer includes full ownership and management of all data, modeling and integration. Enjoy focusing on your core business while we’re upgrading your systems on the go.

Sounds interesting?

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